New project to review rapidly deployable oil spill boom systems

The council is beginning a review of oil spill containment boom technology that could be used in Port Valdez to deflect or contain crude oil spilled from the Valdez Marine Terminal. The council is specifically looking at options that are:

  • Capable of rapid deployment
  • Are either currently installed at a coastal crude oil transfer facility, or available for use at such a facility
  • Can perform in weather and sea conditions that exist in Port Valdez, Alaska

The results of this analysis would help the council recommend the best oil spill boom for use near the Valdez Marine Terminal to reduce the risk of environmental harm caused by an oil spill.

Request for Proposals:

The council is inviting proposals to draft a detailed paper evaluating these technologies. For more information and instructions on how to submit a proposal, download the full RFP: Request for Proposals – Rapidly Deployable Boom Technology

Submittal Deadline: Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Award Announcement: Monday, April 3, 2017

Please direct any questions about the project or the request for proposals to the project manager, Austin Love, 907-834-5000


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