Interactive Digital Map of the Valdez Marine Terminal

The Council is is inviting proposals for a project to create an interactive digital map of the Valdez Marine Terminal. The terminal is a large, complex facility with many different assets working together to temporarily store crude oil received from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and load it onto tanker ships for transit through Prince William Sound. Currently, the Council has most of this information in various reports, drawings, photos, and maps but this information is not all stored in one place. This project seeks to gather all the geographic and descriptive information the Council currently has on file regarding the physical assets located on the terminal, and use that information to create a digital map. A major part of the Council’s work is reviewing the environmentally safe operation and maintenance of the Valdez Marine Terminal; this map is intended to be used as an tool to achieve that objective. Print PDF … Continue reading

Funds available for educational projects related to our mission

The council works to educate Exxon Valdez region youth about the environmentally safe operation of the Alyeska terminal and associated tankers. Working with area youth is vital to fight complacency that can arise if new generations of citizens are not continually reminded of the need for ongoing oil spill prevention. To support this effort, the council is inviting proposals for facilitating learning experiences with Exxon Valdez oil spill region youth. Update: The deadline for proposals has passed. There are two deadlines each year to submit proposals for funding. Please contact the council’s Outreach Coordinator Lisa Matlock at 907.273.6235 for the next deadline. You may also subscribe to our email list for new Requests for Proposals to receive notifications when new requests for proposals such as the Youth Involvement project are issued by the council.   Print PDF … Continue reading