Sediment Coring

Content last updated prior to 2013.

The council is interested in the long-term input of hydrocarbons into Port Valdez from the operation of the Valdez Marine Terminal (VMT) and other sources. Results from this 2004 project showed that hydrocarbon levels near the Ballast Water Treatment Facility (BWTF) are much higher than other tested areas in Prince William Sound.

Hydrocarbon input into Port Valdez can come from the everyday operation of the terminal in the form of small spills, but a more significant source is the long-term operation of the BWTF at the terminal. Ballast water from inbound tankers undergoes a treatment process to remove oil, but the water released into the port nevertheless contains residual oil. Presently, approximately 1 barrel (44 gallons) of oil is discharged into the port every day. In the past, this amount has reached over 3 barrels (126 gallons) per day.

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