Incident Management for Regional Stakeholders

 What is this workshop?

This free, one day workshop is designed to present an overview of the National Incident Management System’s Incident Command System (ICS) and explain how an oil spill incident would be handled. We will examine the power and decision making structure used during an emergency; the role of federal, state, and local responders; and how your community would fit in.

What is our goal?

If there was a tanker related oil spill incident stemming from the Prince William Sound tanker fleet, your community would likely be affected. It is our goal to make ICS relevant to you, so that you can gain an understanding of how your community would fit into the bigger picture of the response. The workshop will help you be more effective in representing your community and understanding how it fits into the state and national spill response framework. The workshop will also cover the resources available to communities during an incident. At the end of the workshop, we will provide an evaluation/feedback form to tell us your thoughts about the workshop and any improvements you may recommend.

Who should attend?

Community members responsible for planning and executing local response plans and who would likely interact with the Unified Command in the event of a spill. Other personnel who may benefit from this workshop would be: tribal entities, fishermen, and vessel owners.

What will I take away from this workshop?

  • Unified Command. We will discuss how communities would interact with the Unified Command (UC), the Joint Information Center (JIC) and the Regional Stakeholder Committee (RSC) during an incident. The RSC, in particular, is somewhat unique to Alaskan spill response plans and this stakeholder-driven committee is expected to interact with the UC and provide recommendations or comments on incident priorities, objectives, and community concerns. We will discuss the RSC membership composition, roles, and how the RSC can promote communication and information sharing during an incident.
  • Laws and Statutes. There are several federal laws and statutes that guide both the response to and the prevention of an oil spill incident. These work in concert with regional, state, federal and oil industry plans. We will discuss these plans and their applicability before, during, and after an incident.
  • Prince William Sound. We will examine the current system in Prince William Sound including; contingency plans and planning standards, the council, and the prevention and response system in place for tankers coming from the Valdez Marine Terminal. We will provide background on how oil spill incidents are managed and how local communities can meaningfully participate in the process.
  • Exercises and Discussion. During this workshop, we will conduct various break-out discussion sessions, role play exercises, and a final exercise which pulls all these topics together in a way to make ICS real and relevant for your organizations’ roles and missions. During this process, you will have the opportunity to reflect on how ICS fits in with your organization and community as a whole. We will invite participants from key state and federal agencies with oil spill roles, so that you have an opportunity to interact with them and build mutual awareness.
  • Community Interaction. Participants will explore how the various organizations and personnel gathered in the workshop will work together functionally during an incident and discover areas where there may be a gap. We will identify challenges each community may encounter and discuss strategies and resources that communities may access to mitigate them. We will review case studies from the Kulluk grounding and the Exxon Valdez oil spill to consider the challenges and opportunities faced by local communities during a spill.
  • Take-home reference materials. Each participant will receive a course packet with relevant references, guidelines, and other course materials that will serve as a useful guide in the event of an oil spill or exercise while also identifying opportunities for additional learning and training.

Upcoming workshops

There are no workshops planned at this time. Please contact Jeremy Robida if you are interested in having one of these workshops in your community.

Incident Management For Regional Stakeholders - Workshop Flyer (0.5 MB)

This workshop brought to you by the council in conjunction with Nuka Research & Planning Group, LLC.


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