Interactive Graphic on the Effects of Oil Spills

Request for Proposals: Interactive Graphic on the Effects of Oil Spills

The Council is inviting proposals for a project to create a graphic illustration depicting the marine environment of Southcentral Alaska. In addition, some elements of the web version shall be interactive. The graphics will be used to educate the public about the Southcentral Alaskan environment and the potential harm of oil spills as well as various response options.


  • Proposals due at 12 noon September 22, 2017
  • Award Announcement: September 30, 2017 (approximately)

More information:

For more information and details on how to submit a proposal, please download the full proposal:

Request for Proposals: Interactive Graphic on the Effects of Oil Spills

Questions about this RFP:

How many interactive graphics will need to be provided? Will the costs for this come out of the $10,000?

  • A minimum total of six interactive graphics will need to be provided to satisfy the RFP requirements.
  • The total budget for all work under the project is $10,000.

How many versions of each image will you need? And, for three images showing response, is that three for each of the three original or three total?

  • All six versions of the graphic should include interactive capabilities (i.e. hover links).
  • Please note that there will be the three main illustrations as specified in the RFP showing marine environments of open water, intertidal zones, and spawning habitats. And, those three main illustrations will be used as the basis to add images of the three response options (mechanical response, dispersants and burning). For instance, the response options could be created by adding a layer to the base images of the marine environments. The effects of all three response options will not be shown on all three marine environments. For example, “mechanical response” might be added to the “open water” image only, and not intertidal zones or spawning habitats. The specific graphics showing the three response options are yet to be determined.

Who is the intended audience? Is this geared for adults, children, residents, and/or visitors?

  • The audience should be considered to be broad in nature and cover all of the above listed members. The work products will be used with a variety of different audiences.

What is the approximate number of rollover items – flora/fauna species and environmental features?

  • Flora/fauna must include representatives from the following list, but there is not a specific amount. Proposers should provide an estimated budget per species category from the list so that there is flexibility for the council in selecting them:
    • marine animals,
    • plants and seaweeds/sea grasses, – shore and sea birds,
    • some land-based species,
    • fish
    • and others
  • Environmental features must include the following four environments and associated features at a minimum:
    • marine environments
    • open water
    • intertidal zones
    • spawning habitats

If you have additional questions, please contact Joe Banta.





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