New project to identify non-destructive testing methods for secondary containment liners

The Council is inviting proposals for a project to identify non-destructive testing methods that could be used by Alyeska to accurately evaluate the integrity of buried secondary containment liners at the Valdez Marine Terminal in Valdez, Alaska.

Alyeska is required by state regulation to locate the crude oil storage tanks at the terminal within a secondary containment area designed to prevent spilled crude oil from reaching nearby waterbodies, land, or underlying groundwater. The secondary containment area must be lined with materials that are impermeable to crude oil.

Damage to the buried liner has been discovered visually when Alyeska excavated during a variety of projects. The goal of this project is to identify other testing methods, besides visual examination, that could be used to non-destructively and more comprehensively assess the buried liner in the secondary containment areas for damage such as cracks, tears, and holes. Such methods should minimize the need for excavating the earthen fill above the liner.

The test methods must be currently commercially available.

Submittal Deadline: Thursday, November 30, 2017
Contract Award Announcement: Friday, December 15, 2017

For more information about this request for proposals, download the full RFP: Request for Proposals – Secondary Containment Liner Integrity

Questions about this RFP? Please contact project manager Austin Love via email.


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