Council meeting in Valdez

The council’s board of directors met in Valdez on May 1 and 2, 2014.

On the agenda:

The council conducted an election of officers, orientation for new volunteers, and seated volunteers on the established committees.

Topics on the agenda included:

• Adoption of the council budget for the year beginning July 1.
• Approval of a resolution to promote the use of best available technology in tugboats escorting laden oil tankers.
• A presentation on analysis of fishing vessel types and numbers.
• An update from the citizens’ council on the renewal process for oil spill prevention and response plans (known as contingency plans) for the Valdez Marine Terminal.
• A presentation by the US Coast Guard on ice and adverse weather.

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Council is recertified by Coast Guard

The Coast Guard has recertified the citizens’ council as meeting its responsibilities under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. In a March 15 letter to the council, Rear Admiral, T.P. Ostebo, commander of the Cost Guard’s District 17 in Juneau, notified the council of recertification. The 1990 Act requires the council to be recertified annually as the official citizens’ advisory group to the oil industry in Prince William Sound. Guidelines established in 2002 streamlined the recertification process for two out of three years, with every third year requiring stricter procedures.  That process- known as comprehensive recertification – was used this year. The new recertification expires February 28, 2015.  At that time, the council is scheduled to undergo the streamlined version of recertification.

The council received over 70 letters of support from organizations, agencies, businesses, Native corporations, and members of the public during the recertification process.  You can read these letters by clicking “Letters of support” under “Documents” below. 

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