Alisha Chartier

City of Seldovia

As a member of the community of Seldovia, Alisha understands the extreme importance of protecting the natural resources. Originally from Nebraska, Alisha came to Alaska at 18. She spent three years based out of Anchorage exploring Alaska. In 2005, she spent the summer in Seldovia and moved there permanently the following season. For seven years, she led a wilderness program of backpacking, camping, rafting, and sea sports bringing her close to the families of Seldovia.

Alisha studied Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo for two years, then graduated from Humboldt State University with an Environmental Resources Engineering Degree. Her household owns and operates a commercial set net fishery in the Lower Cook Inlet, along with Halibut IFQ quota in 3A. Her husband commercially fishes cod and halibut out of Seldovia during the winter months.

Alisha’s favorite season is the fall, which is spent hunting, harvesting, and camping. Currently she is working in cooperation with Nuka Research based out of Seldovia.

Alisha was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2015.