Robert Beedle

City of Cordova

Robert was born and raised in Cordova, Alaska, and graduated from Cordova High School. He attended University of Fairbanks for two years and also attended and completed trade school for Refrigeration. He lives in Cordova with his wife of almost thirty years where they have raised their children. He had the pleasure of being an assistant Scout Master for five years.

Robert started commercial fishing in summer of 1975 and currently gillnets and long-line fishes in the Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound. He also owns and operates a small business called Columbia Refrigeration.

Robert is a member of the Cordova City Council, serves on the Cordova Telephone Company Board, and serves on the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation Board. He is a member of the Cordova Fisherman United, the Pioneers of Alaska, Moose Lodge, and a member of the Little Chapel Church.

Robert was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2013.