Reconfiguration of the Valdez Marine Terminal

Declining oil production on the North Slope, along with the need to modernize and automate 30-year-old facilities, are the driving forces behind Alyeska’s plan for system-wide upgrades. Strategic Reconfiguration is what Alyeska calls part of its “overall vision to renew assets and its organization.”

The reconfiguration focuses on two areas: the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) and the Valdez Marine Terminal (VMT). The council has been monitoring the VMT reconfiguration. Although Alyeska is fully engaged in Strategic Reconfiguration for the pipeline and pump stations, it advised the council in September of 2005 that reconfiguration of the VMT as a coordinated effort had ceased. However, improvements to the Ballast Water Treatment Facility (BWTF), one of the original reconfiguration projects, are underway.

Ballast Water Treatment Facility Upgrades

The council is monitoring and advising on Alyeska’s upgrade and redesign of the Ballast Water Treatment Facility to reduce air and water pollution. Also of concern to the council is the issue of non-indigenous species (NIS) in ballast water processed for oil removal at the VMT and discharged into Port Valdez. Currently, the BWTF does not address NIS in its processes.


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