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Request for Proposals: Review of Peer Listener Program – Phase 1

The Council is inviting proposals for a comprehensive review of its Peer Listener Training program and similar programs in Alaska and nationwide. After the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, social scientists working with the impacted communities developed a Peer Listener program to build community resilience. The training teaches peer listening techniques that allow community members to support each other.

The current RFP is for Phase I of the project. Work includes:

  1. Review the Peer Listener Training and associated manual. 
  2. Make recommendations for updating the program for a contemporary audience with improved techniques and methodologies for delivering peer listener training

The resulting report will inform the Council’s decisions about how to revise the peer listener training, the associated manual, and the train-the-trainer program. A Phase II RFP for implementation of recommendations may be forthcoming after completion of Phase I, subject to Board of Directors approval and the availability of funding.

Submittal Deadline: October 31, 2021
Award Announcement: November 30, 2021

For a complete description of the project and scope of work, please download the full RFP:

Peer Listener RFP - Reopened until October 31 2021 (0.3 MB)

Questions and clarifications

  • Q: I read the RFP, but I did not see the number of hours or budget expected.
    A: We left that information off because there is a Phase I and a Phase II to this project, and so looking at just this budget might seem too small to be interesting to some folks. At this time we have $10,000 budgeted for Phase I, which is the data gathering described in the RFP. Our intention is to open a second RFP based on the information we learn. That would be more funding to actually implement the changes to our program and manual. We do occasionally consider proposals that come in at higher amounts, and either adjust our budget or work with the proposer to negotiate a reduced scope. 
  • The timeline for this project is potentially flexible – if the proposed timeline in the RFP isn’t feasible or appropriate for you, please feel free to include information about what timeline you propose and why. For example, an academic may need to accommodate their university schedule.
  • Administrative tasks of coordinating meetings with PWSRCAC volunteers and staff, including providing Zoom links, will be handled by PWSRCAC staff. Contractors do not need to budget for this work.

Additional questions?
Inquiries regarding this request for proposals should be directed via email to the project’s manager Betsi Oliver at betsi.oliver@pwsrcac.org

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