Board of Directors Meeting – Anchorage

01/23/2020 – 01/24/2020 all-day
Jennifer Fleming

Following is the agenda and supporting materials for the upcoming PWSRCAC Board meeting, scheduled forJanuary 23-24, 2020 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Anchorage. Meeting audio and video, including presentations, will be available at or by calling 1-888-788-0099, reference meeting id 907 834 5010  (more detailed conference instructions are located at the bottom of the page).

Board meetings are open to the public, except executive sessions, and an opportunity for the public to provide comments is provided at the beginning of each meeting.

Meet the Board of Directors

All documents in one file (great for laptops and tablets!) will be available for download HERE after Jan. 18, 2020.

Individual documents:

1-0 Final Agenda PWSRCAC Board Meeting, January 23-24, 2020 In Anchorage (0.1 MB)

1-01 Draft Minutes Of The September 19-20, 2019 Board Meeting (0.4 MB)

1-02 Draft Minutes Of The October 29, 2019 Board Meeting (70 KB)

1-03 Draft Minutes Of The November 13 And 15, 2019 Board Meeting (66 KB)

2-01 List Of Commonly Used Acronyms (0.2 MB)

2-02 Budget Status Report (0.1 MB)

2-03 Director Attendance Record (67 KB)

2-04 Committee Member Attendance Record (0.1 MB)

2-05 Current List Of Board Committee Members (45 KB)

2-06 PWSRCAC One-Page Strategic Plan (0.8 MB)

2-07 List Of Recent Board And Executive Committee Actions (1.1 MB)

2-08 Staff Organizational Chart (69 KB)

3-01 Delegation Of Authority Of New Office Machinery Lease (75 KB)

4-01 Director Appointment For Chugach Alaska Corporation (60 KB)

4-02--PRESENTATION--Report Acceptance- Port Valdez Mussel Transcriptomics Monitoring (21.4 MB)

4-02 Report Acceptance- Port Valdez Mussel Transcriptomics Monitoring (2.6 MB)

4-03--PRESENTATION--Report Acceptance- Prince William Sound Forage Fish Surveys (11.4 MB)

4-03 Report Acceptance- Prince William Sound Forage Fish Surveys (3.7 MB)

4-04 Update On ADEC’s Regulatory Reform Scoping Process (0.5 MB)

4-05 Executive Committee Election & Finance Committee Appointment (60 KB)

4-06 Incident Report Update for 2019 (54 KB)

4-06--PRESENTATION--Incident Report Update For 2019 (7.2 MB)

4-07 Report Approval- PWSRCAC Annual Long Range Plan (0.1 MB)

4-07 Report Approval- PWSRCAC Annual Long Range Plan (3.8 MB)

4-08 Update On Transition Of BP Pipelines Alaska To Harvest Alaska, LLC-Hilcorp (6.9 MB)

4-09 PWSRCAC Position On Revenue Adjustments To The 470 Fund And SPAR (2.5 MB)

5-01 January 2020 Program And Project Status Report (6.8 MB)

Joining a Zoom Video/Teleconference
  1. Click HERE to join the meeting. This will enable video conferencing.  If you wish others to see you, select Start Video.  If you do not select Start Video, you will still be able to listen and watch the meeting in progress.
  2. Select EITHER computer audio OR phone call.  If you call in on the phone, make sure you ARE NOT using computer audio as well because it will create a feedback loop. If you choose computer audio, you do not need to bother with the phone at all.
  3. If you choose to use phone audio only, dial 1-888-788-0099. When prompted, enter meeting ID 907 834 5010 followed by #.  When asked for your participant ID, press #.
  4. Please remember to MUTE your computer microphone (if you join with computer audio) or phone (if you call in) whenever you’re not speaking to decrease feedback or distractions.

For more information about Zoom and its various functions, please visit the Zoom Help Center found HERE. Also, feel free to contact Jennifer Fleming via email if you have any questions during the meeting.

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