Board of Directors Meeting – Virtual Meeting

September 17, 2020 – September 18, 2020 all-day
Jennifer Fleming

In support of physical distancing  in response to COVID-19, the Councils September  17-18, 2020 Board of Directors meeting will be held virtually and telephonically.

Following is the final agenda and supporting materials for this meeting.

Join the meeting: Meeting audio and video, including presentations, will be available streaming online via Zoom (available starting September 17 by 8:25 a.m.) or by calling 1-888-788-0099, reference meeting ID 977 6459 5779.

Here is some general information on using our webinar technology.

Board meetings are open to the public, except executive sessions, and an opportunity for the public to provide comments is provided at the beginning of each meeting.

A complete meeting packet is available for download. It is recommended that this version be downloaded to your computer or favorite e-reading device.  There are links on the agenda to take you to individual briefing sheets.  Bookmarks have also been created for each briefing sheet and their attachment.  Click on the ribbon tab on the left-hand side of the page to make the bookmarks visible (only while in Adobe Reader).  


1-00 Final Agenda PWSRCAC Board Of Directors Meeting September 17-18, 2020 (0.1 MB)

1-01 Draft March 30, 2020 Meeting Minutes (0.2 MB)

1-02 Draft May 7-8, 2020 Meeting Minutes (1.6 MB)

1-03 Draft May 21 And 27, 2020 Meeting Minutes (0.2 MB)

2-01 List Of Commonly Used Acronyms (0.2 MB)

2-02 Budget Status Reeport (0.2 MB)

2-03 Director Attendance Record (66 KB)

2-04 Committee Member Attendance Record (0.1 MB)

2-05 List Of Board Committee Members (56 KB)

2-06 PWSRCAC One-Page Strategic Plan (3.3 MB)

2-07 List Of Recent Board And Executive Committee Actions (1.1 MB)

2-08 Staff Organizational Chart (69 KB)

3-01 Rescue Tugboat Best Available Technology Assessment (79 KB)

3-02 Marine Winter Bird Survey Contract Approval (0.8 MB)

4-01 FY2020 Financial Audit Acceptance (62 KB)

4-02 Update On ADEC’s Regulatory Reform Scoping Process (1.8 MB)

4-03 Report Acceptance- Metagenetic Analysis Of PWS Plankton Samples (1.6 MB)

4-03--PRESENTATION--Metagenetic Analysis Of PWS Plankton Samples (5.9 MB)

4-04 Report Acceptance- 2019 Drill Monitoring Annual Report (0.3 MB)

4-04--PRESENTATION--2019 Drill Monitoring Annual Report (8.4 MB)

4-05 ADF&G Presentation On Draft Subsistence Way Of Life Report (6.3 MB)

4-05--PRESENTATION--ADFG Presentation On Subsistence Way Of Life Report (1.7 MB)

4-06 Connecting With Our Communities – Logo Adjustment Approval (0.8 MB)

4-06--PRESENTATION--Connecting With Our Communities Logo Adjustment (2.2 MB)

4-07 PWSRCAC Long Range Planning (0.3 MB)

4-08 Approval Of Proposed Amendments To PWSRCAC Bylaws (0.1 MB)

4-09 Approval Of Board Policy Amendments (0.2 MB)

4-10 Scheduling For PWSRCAC December 2020 Events (0.1 MB)

4-11 Approval Of FY2021 Budget Modifications (0.2 MB)

5-01 September 2020 Program And Project Status Report (0.7 MB)

Alyeska:SERVS Activity Report (0.7 MB)

AVTEC Virtual Simulator Presentation (11.7 MB)

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