Storage Tanks at Valdez Marine Terminal

Terminal Operations

Valdez Marine Terminal

The Council monitors terminal operations and maintenance, air and water quality standards, reviews operating permits and protocols, and conducts independent research on topics such as corrosion and piping inspection technologies.

Through the work of the terminal operations program, a number of significant improvements have helped reduce environmental impacts from the terminal. 

  • Prior to 1998, large amounts of hydrocarbon vapors, including known carcinogens such as benzene, were released into the atmosphere as crude oil was loaded onto tanker ships. Work done in this program helped the Council advocate for a vapor recovery system to capture those harmful vapors. In 1998, Alyeska finished installing vapor recovery systems on its two active loading berths, eliminating the emission of those hydrocarbons. 
  • Prior to 2009, the ballast water treatment facility on the terminal was also a large source of atmospheric emissions of hydrocarbons. The reason for this was because one of the treatment stages, dissolved air flotation, was open to the atmosphere allowing hydrocarbons to escape. Through this program the Council advocated that these vapors be contained. In 2009 and 2010, Alyeska covered the dissolved air flotation tanks, eliminating this source of air contamination.

Alyeska and City of Valdez agree to plan for joint firefighting response

Alyeska’s new fire and rescue engine, known as “Squad 1,” is at the terminal and ready for action. Photo courtesy of Alyeska.
By AUSTIN LOVE Council Project Manager In December, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and the City of Valdez agreed to a ...
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New council report: Port of Valdez shrimp found generally safe for consumption

Prince William Sound shrimp
A new report on the effects of small amounts of hydrocarbons on Port Valdez shrimp is now available. The report ...
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Mikkel Foltmar: New volunteer’s expertise benefits terminal projects

Mikkel Foltmar
Mikkel Foltmar, one of the newest additions to the council’s volunteer roster, is almost as new to Alaska as he ...
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Corrosion found in piping at terminal; Alyeska plans fix

A temporary black carbon steel clamp was installed to prevent an oil leak from the localized corroded area. Photo courtesy of Alyeska.
By AUSTIN LOVE Council Project Manager In 2012, Alyeska identified a 6 inch wide area of external corrosion on crude ...
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Inspection and testing of secondary containment liners at terminal observed

Photo of repairs by Nelli Vanderburg.
On July 10, staffer Nelli Vanderburg visited the terminal to observe an inspection and repairs to drainage piping under the ...
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Council study reviews remote operations at Valdez Marine Terminal

Council study reviews remote operations at Valdez Marine Terminal
A recent council study looked at issues associated with the remote control operations of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s Valdez Marine ...
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