Request for proposals: Port Valdez Vessel Charter

Tanker in Prince William SoundThe Council is looking for a vessel to charter for three days in early June 2023. The vessel is needed to transport Council personnel to the Port Valdez sampling sites and facilitate the collection of environmental samples at sites within Port Valdez as part of its Long-Term Environmental Monitoring Program (LTEMP).

The Council has been conducting LTEMP since 1993, and the goal is to monitor the environmental impacts of the Valdez Marine Terminal and associated tankers. Environmental samples include blue mussels from three intertidal locations (i.e., Gold Creek, Jackson Point, and Saw Island), passive sampling devices just offshore of those three intertidal locations, and marine sediment samples at two locations in the vicinity of the intertidal sites. 

Submittal deadline: February 14
Award Announcement: February 28

More information and instructions to submit a proposal is available in the full RFP: 

RFP - Port Valdez Vessel Charter (0.2 MB)


Please submit questions and proposals to Austin Love, project manager for the Council.

Previously received:

Question – Is a valid TWIC a strict requirement for a successful proposal?
Answer – No, a valid TWIC is not a strict requirement, but a valid U.S. Merchant Mariner credential is a requirement for a successful proposal. 

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