Photo of Thane Miller

Thane Miller

Photo of Thane Miller
Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation

Thane came to Alaska in 1969 and grew up in Anchorage and Eagle River. His family acquired a boat and spent lots of time on the water in Seward and Whittier, and in the late 1970s they began commercial fishing. He started his first job as a commercial fisherman at the age of 13 and has made his living from commercial fishing since 1985.

Fishing is a full time job for Thane and when he’s not busy working on his house and volunteering with various groups. Thane now lives in Valdez with his wife Sharry and daughter Rowan.

Thane is currently Chair of the Valdez Advisory Committee, board member of the Valdez Fisheries Development Association, and board member of the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation.

Thane was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in January 2007.

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