Resources for Educators

Below is a list of oil spill educational media, including videos and links to resources elsewhere on the web.

Education curriculums on this site:

Katie Gavenus (green hat at left) updated the Alaska Oil Spill Curriculum in 2014. Here, she shows Whittier students how oiled water affects bird feathers. Photo by Lisa Matlock.

 Curriculum developer Katie Gavenus (green hat at left)  shows Whittier students how oiled water affects bird feathers.

Two classroom curriculums are available on this site:

  • Alaska Oil Spill Curriculum (updated in 2014) This Alaska Oil Spill Education spiral curriculum includes two tracks: “Ecosystems & Oil Pollution” and “Oil Resources & Energy Cycles.”
  • The Science of Oil Spills (created in 2010). The Science of Oil Spills curriculum is based on the Ocean Science and Leadership Expedition, co-sponsored by the council in 2010. This curriculum was created by Alice Dou-Wang of the Prince William Sound Science Center.

Links to related educational media online

These links leave the PWSRCAC website. Please contact Amanda Johnson if you would like a link your oil spill-related education resources added to this page.

Alaska/Exxon Valdez oil spill:

Gulf of Mexico oil spill:

Videos and DVDs

Videos are available for free from the council when available.  To request a DVD, please contact Outreach Coordinator Lisa Matlock at 907.273.6235.

Where do I go from here? (2006)

This DVD interviews students, instructors, professors, and companies in the fields of marine science and seafaring. The goal is to encourage students with interests in these areas to receive education or training, and provide information on ways to accomplish this.

“Then & Now: The Alaska Oil Spill at 20”

A film containing actual footage of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the effects on the environment, animals and people involved. It highlights major improvements that have come about since the spill. Some beautiful footage of Prince William Sound sets the background for the 29 minute film.

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