Oil Spill Response Operations

Through the Oil Spill Response Operations program, the Council monitors activities related to the operational readiness of oil spill response personnel, equipment, and organization of the trans-Alaskan pipeline shipping industry. This program monitors oil spill incidents, drills, and exercises within Prince William Sound and evaluates response readiness.

This photo shows a new oil spill response barge with an escort tug alongside the barge.

From Alyeska: New oil spill response barge demonstrates ongoing investment in protecting Prince William Sound

Submitted by Alyeska Corporate Communications The shine has yet to dim on Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s newest on-water powerhouse; the ...

Science Night 2023 – Videos now available

Science Night 2023's theme was Systems and Methods: Connecting across the Exxon Valdez oil spill region ...
Front cover of the report. Image is of a rocky beach in Prince William Sound covered with mussels and other tidal critters. Mountains and ocean in the background. Clicking on the image will download a PDF of the report.

Annual Report now available

The Council's annual report, Year in Review 2022/2023, is now available. This report covers the many programs and projects we’ve ...
Surveys emphasize importance of protecting nearshore habitat for wintering birds

Surveys emphasize importance of protecting nearshore habitat for wintering birds

Three years of data from surveys of marine bird species is now available online. The data is intended to help ...
Image of a colony of blue mussels on a shore in Larsen Bay, Prince William Sound. The waters and mountains of Prince William Sound can be seen in the distance.

Analysis of genes increases understanding of oil’s effects

New techniques in the field of genetic analysis are improving our understanding of the effects of oil spills. Since 1993, ...
Photo take after the Exxon Valdez oil spill of a rocky beach in Prince William Sound. The rocks are coated in black crude oil.

Alaska North Slope oil trending lighter since 2010

Crude oil is often referred to as a “fossil fuel” because it is made up of plants and animals that ...
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