The Council offers free lesson plans on topics related to our mission. The K-12 lesson plans are used by classroom teachers, homeschool parents, and informal educators. Our lessons are selected for hands-on learning and local relevance.

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About our free lesson plans

The lessons start with foundational science and ecosystem concepts for the younger ages and increase in complexity for older students. The lesson bank is made up of classroom lessons, outdoor lessons, field trips, experiments, and games. Subjects include:

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Environmental Science
  • Chemistry
  • Social Science & History
  • Writing
  • Art
  • Advocacy & Government
  • Conservation & Stewardship
  • Math

In 2020, lessons were updated to meet applicable Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). (Comparing NGSS with Alaska State Science Standards) Lessons cover:

  • All seven Crosscutting Concepts
  • All four domains of the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs)
  • All grade levels

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Comparing NGSS with Alaska State Science Standards

Alaskan teachers can use the NGSS for their lesson planning with minimal adjustments.

The Science Standards for Alaska are largely the same as the NGSS. The state strongly supports the general architecture and approach of the NGSS, and made no changes to the scientific content. The state standards include:

Examples of how the standards could be made more relevant for students in Alaska by showing applications of scientific principles and skills in an Alaskan context

  • Rephrasing several content standards statements to make them clearer and/or more age-appropriate
  • Fewer than a handful of NGSS content standards were combined, moved to a different grade, or deleted.

More information: Alaska Standards (PDF)

The Performance Expectation numbering system of the NGSS and Alaska Standards are the same, for example 2-PS1-2 means the same thing in both systems. Educators looking to use NGSS-aligned lessons in Alaska can search the Alaska Standards for the same Performance Expectation. If a Performance Expectation from the NGSS is not included in the Alaska Standards, it may be possible to find that theme addressed combined in another standard or moved to a different grade.

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