Board Meetings

The Council’s Board of Directors meets three times each year for two-day meetings. Board meetings are open to the public, and an opportunity for the public to provide comments is provided at the beginning of each meeting. Meetings are routinely recorded and may be disseminated to the public by the Council or by the news media.

Upcoming Board Meetings

The January meeting is held in Anchorage, the May meeting in Valdez, and the September meeting is rotated between the other Council communities. Occasionally, special Board meetings are conducted as needed (usually by teleconference).

Please visit our calendar for specific dates of upcoming meetings. Upcoming September community board meetings will be held in the following communities:

  • 2019 in Kenai
  • 2020 in Seward
  • 2021 in Homer
  • 2022 in Kodiak
  • 2023 in Cordova
  • 2024 in Whittier
  • 2025 in Seldovia

Board Packet Archives

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