Board of Directors

The Council’s Board members are citizens who represent communities and interest groups. Each member entity appoints one representative to serve on the Board, with the exception of the City of Valdez, which has two. Board members serve two-year terms. 

The Council also includes 11 ex-officio (non-voting) members to keep local, state, and federal government better informed about the Council’s activities.

Photo of Robert Archibald
Represents: City of Homer

Member since: May 2015

Represents: City of Valdez

Member since: May 2012

Photo of Bob Shavelson
Represents: Oil Spill Region Environmental Coalition (OSREC

Member since: September 2014

Photo of Wayne Donaldson
Represents: City of Kodiak

Member since: January 2015

Photo of Robert Beedle
Represents: City of Cordova

Member since: May 2013

Ben Cutrell
Represents: Chugach Alaska Corporation

Member since: January 2020

Photo of Rebecca Skinner
Represents: Kodiak Island Borough

Member since: May 2018

Photo of Mike Bender
Represents: City of Whittier

Member since: September 2015

Photo of Patience Andersen Faulkner
Represents: Cordova District Fishermen United

Member since: November 1998

Photo of Mako Haggerty
Represents: Kenai Peninsula Borough

Member since: May 2015

Photo of Luke Hasenbank
Represents: Alaska State Chamber of Commerce

Member since: May 2016

Photo of Melvin Malchoff
Represents: Port Graham Corporation

Member since: May 2016

Photo of Dorothy Moore
Represents: City of Valdez

Member since: January 2007

Photo of Kirk Zinck.
Represents: City of Seldovia

Member since: May 2019

Photo of Michael Vigil
Represents: Chenega Corporation & Chenega IRA Council

Member since: September 2015

Represents: Kodiak Village Mayors Association

Member since: May 2021

Represents: Community of Tatitlek

Member since: May 2021

Represents: City of Seward

Member since: May 2021

Represents: Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation

Member since: May 2021

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