From Alyeska: Alyeska receives Governor’s Safety Award of Excellence

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company was recognized with a Governor’s Safety Award of Excellence for the second year in a row at the recent Alaska Governor’s Safety & Health Conference in Anchorage. “This is exciting because these awards aren’t just based on successful safety programs, but also on a company’s culture of safety,” said Brian Beauvais, Alyeska’s Senior Health and Safety Manager, Risk and Technical. “At Alyeska and on TAPS, people are making safety a priority.” The Governor’s Safety Award of Excellence honors an organization’s safety and health systems that protect their employees in the workplace and promote corporate citizenship. Alyeska has received this award in the past, as well. The TAPS workforce completed its best safety year ever in 2015. Alyeska staff and TAPS contractors worked a combined 5,827,988 hours and had just four recordable injuries while avoiding any days away from work cases during that time. … Continue reading

From Alyeska: Alyeska crew carries out pipeline maintenance and response readiness from base in Glennallen

The Glennallen Response Base is located in Alaska’s Interior, a little over 100 miles north of Valdez. Originally designated as Pump Station 11, the facility was constructed as a response and maintenance base after it was decided that another pump station wasn’t necessary. Now, a small Alyeska team, supported by a focused and energetic Ahtna baseline crew, coordinates and carries out maintenance and prevention activities along the pipeline right of way, while maintaining a constant state of oil spill response readiness. Their accountable area stretches from south of Paxson all the way to the gate of the Valdez Marine Terminal. … Continue reading

Robotic inspection tool redefines Trans-Alaska Pipeline innovation

From Alyeska: This is a tale of perfect timing and imperfect piping, insistent independence and trusted teamwork, hundreds of hurdles and millions in savings, a simple Russian robot and a seismic company culture shift. This is the story of the Robotic Inline Inspection Tool Team, which received Alyeska’s 2015 Atigun Award for Innovation. The seven team winners, and the dozens of individuals, teams and organizations that supported the effort, were all integral in a game-changing three-year journey that led to the world’s first crawler pig integrity inspection of a liquid pipeline: the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, known as TAPS. In the summer of 2014, a 200-pound Russian-owned robotic crawler pig inspected around 850 feet of 36 inch buried TAPS piping at Pump Station 3, providing a level of clarity on its system integrity that was previously inaccessible. The success of that inspection resulted in reduced risk and significant cost savings for Alyeska and TAPS. It also inspired similar inspections – as well as similar cost savings and risk reduction – in 2015 and the years ahead. “There were so many people and teams involved; we all did our jobs, and we did our jobs well,” said Bhaskar Neogi, Alyeska Senior Director of Risk and Compliance. “But this was also about luck, perseverance, stubbornness not to give up, and a willingness not to worry about if we failed.” … Continue reading

From Alyeska: Alyeska’s 2015 Atigun Award spotlights health and safety, hearing protection, and communication

Alyeska’s Valdez Marine Terminal is a unique work environment where hundreds of professionals from dozens of trades perform thousands of various tasks daily. But there is one thing that remains the same every moment at the terminal’s Power Vapor facility. “There’s a constant noise of machinery here 24 hours a day,” said Scott Smith, Utilities Power Vapor Supervisor. Employees at Power Vapor can work in environments as loud as a 747 jet engine (118 decibels). That level of noise demands safe hearing protection and effective communication tools. After almost 18 years of working in various positions at the Terminal, Smith worried about his team’s hearing protection and communications. When he landed a supervisory position, he stepped up to find a solution. For implementing safer hearing and communications equipment last fall for the nearly 40 staff working in Power Vapor, Smith and his team were recognized with Alyeska’s 2015 Atigun Award for Health and Safety. … Continue reading