Robert Archibald

City of Homer

Robert and his wife Roberta have lived in Homer for 31 years. Prior to Homer, he lived in Girdwood and Anchorage. He grew up in Santa Barbara, California and first traveled to Alaska in 1965 to work on vessels in Cook Inlet.

Robert spent four years in the U.S. Coast Guard and upon discharge found employment in the engine department on the drilling vessel Glomar Challenger. In 1978, he returned to Alaska and worked as a chief engineer on various vessels. For 24 years, he worked for Crowley as a chief engineer, both state-wide and in Valdez. He retired in April 2014 after 46 years in the maritime industry.

Robert is active on several non-profit boards and is on the Homer Parks and Recreation Commission. He is co-chair of the steering committee that developed the 125 mile Kachemak Bay Water Trail.

Robert was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2015.