Terminal Operations & Environmental Monitoring

The Terminal Operations and Environmental Monitoring (TOEM) Committee identifies actual and potential sources of episodic and chronic pollution at the Valdez Marine Terminal. Most of the TOEM Committee’s work focuses on ballast water treatment and its impact on water quality in Port Valdez, and on air quality issues stemming from hydrocarbons emitted during tanker loading and other facility operations.  The committee monitors and comments on air and water quality standards, reviews operating permits at the terminal, and conducts independent research. Early air health studies promoted by the committee led to vapor recovery at the terminal to drastically reduce air pollution.

Most of this committee’s projects are listed in the Terminal Operations section of this site.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Terminal Operations and Environmental Monitoring Committee, please contact Outreach Coordinator Maia Draper-Reich at 907-277-7222.

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