Contract between the Council and Alyeska

Storage Tanks at Valdez Marine Terminal On February 8, 1990, the Council and Alyeska signed a contract ensuring:

  • The Council’s absolute independence from Alyeska
  • Access to Alyeska facilities
  • Guaranteed annual funding

Under the terms of its contract with Alyeska, the Council reviews, monitors, and comments on various aspects of the company’s operations:

  • Oil spill prevention and response plans
  • Environmental protection capabilities
  • Actual and potential environmental impacts of terminal and tanker operations

Providing Advice

The Council comments on and participates in monitoring and assessment of environmental, social, and economic consequences of oil-transportation activities, including comments on the design of measures to mitigate the impacts of oil spills and other environmental effects of terminal and tanker operations.


The contract also calls for the Council to increase public awareness of Alyeska’s oil spill response, spill prevention and environmental protection capabilities, as well as the actual and potential environmental impacts of terminal and tanker operations.


The Council was initially funded at $2 million a year. The funding is renegotiated every three years; current Alyeska funding is over $4 million a year.


Although the Council works closely with and is funded by Alyeska, the Council is an independent advisory group. The contract is explicit: “Alyeska shall have no right . . . to have any degree of control over the formation or operation of the corporation . . .”

Download:  Contract between the Council and Alyeska


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