Spill from Valdez Marine Terminal

Photo taken on April 18 during an overflight of the Valdez Marine Terminal. Image shows several layers of oil spill boom, fishing vessels pulling current buster boom to collect oil. A sheen can be seen on the water inside the boom.
Saturday, April 18: Overflight photos of the Valdez Marine Terminal area.

On April 12, a sheen was reported in the vicinity of the Valdez Marine Terminal.
The source of the spill was identified as a sump located uphill from Port Valdez. Oil had seeped through the ground to reach the water.

All responders have been required to adhere to safety guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Council staff and volunteers have been monitoring the situation from a safe distance.

On May 5, the Unified Command was officially concluded. The spill is still seeping through the soils, however the flow is being intercepted and redirected to the ballast water treatment facility.

As of May 4:

  • Approximately 1,350 barrels, or 56,700 gallons, of oil/water mix have been recovered.
  • Crews have been measuring the ratio of oil to water to determine the spill volume, and have reported approximately 16 barrels, or 686 gallons, of crude oil have been recovered from the oil/water mix, and approximately 30 gallons of oil have been recovered from land so far.
  • The total spill volume is not yet known.

Latest information from Unified Command

More information and updates on this incident and the investigation will be posted on our website as it becomes available.

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For additional information, please contact Council staff.

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This photograph was taken at 10 a.m. Tuesday, April 14 from above loading berth 4 at the Valdez Marine Terminal looking south. Photo courtesy of Unified Command.

Nearby weather buoys: Tracking Weather for the Safe Transportation of Oil

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