Comparison of Wind Measurements at Nuchek Heights, Hinchinbrook Island, and at Seal Rocks NOAA Data Buoy in Hinchinbrook Entrance, Alaska.

Concurrent hourly average wind speeds and directions from data collection stations on shore at Nuchek Heights and at sea by the NOAA Seal Rocks data buoy were compared during the period from 1600 on 23 August 2004 to 1700 on 18 February 2006 Alaska Standard Time.

Archived data records from both stations were retrieved and clipped to the specified time period. Data gaps or clearly anomalous recordings were set to zero so that complete time series of exactly the same length (12315 points) were available for analysis. Wind speeds were converted to statute miles per hour (mph).

File Type: pdf
Categories: Weather Data
Tags: compendium, Weather Data
Author: Micro Specialties Inc., Orson P. Smith, Richard M. Brown
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