Field Notes and Critical Observations from the OHMSETT Heavy Oil Dispersant Trials

This report contains the transcriptions of tape-recorded notes and observations completed by Dr. James Payne during a PWSRCAC-sponsored field audit of the 13-16 October 2003 heavy fuel oil dispersant tests completed by SL Ross and Alun Lewis Consultancy at the MMS OHMSETT facilities in Leonardo, New Jersey.

The draft report delivered to PWSRCAC in October 2003 contained initial observations only and figures were supplied as separate files on compact disk (CD). This final report contains all the time/date-stamped figures referenced in the earlier report (compiled in Appendix A in the order called out in the text) along with additional data from SL Ross that were not available at the time the original report was prepared.

File Type: pdf
Categories: OHMSETT Heavy Oil Dispersant Trials
Tags: compendium, ohmsett
Author: James R. Payne Ph.D., Payne Environmental Consultants
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