Geographic Response Planning for the Copper River Delta and Flats

This report by Sierra Fletcher, Breck Tostevin, and Tim Robertson of Nuka Research documents the history of the development of geographic response strategies (GRS) for the Copper River Delta and Flats (CRD&F) area east of Prince William Sound.

This area hosts numerous species, cultural sites, and important fisheries. It is also a challenging area for spill responders. Geographic features include high energy beaches, shallow tidal waters, changing channels, barrier islands, and braided river drainages.

A response plan developed specifically for this area was adopted into the government response plan in 1999, as had been agreed in a legal settlement among the fisheries organizations, oil shippers, and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC). However, the CRD&F Plan was left out of later versions of government plan and is no longer included in any response plans accessible as of the release of this report.

Along with the history of the GRS’ development, the researchers reviewed the previous GRS and provide advice on what information is still relevant today.

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File Type: pdf
Categories: Geographic Response Strategies
Author: Breck Tostevin, Nuka Research Planning Group LLC, Sierra Fletcher, Tim Robertson
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