Marine Winter Bird Surveys In Prince William Sound

This report is on the first year of a proposed three-year project to document marine species in Prince William Sound during the winter months.

The survey is concentrating on under-surveyed areas near the tanker escort zone. The Council partnered with the Prince William Sound Science Center who conducted this survey. They spotted 21 bird species and 6 marine mammal species. This year?s data showed that birds do congregate in Prince William Sound in winter and seem to prefer areas near the shore. The surveys to be conducted over the next two years of the project are necessary to confirm these conclusions. This information helps us understand the potential environmental impacts of the terminal and tankers on marine bird species by identifying their overwintering habitat. The data will help prioritize these habitats to be protected in the event of an oil spill.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Oil Spill Prevention Planning
Tags: Winter Birds
Author: Anne Schaefer, M.A. Bishop, Prince William Sound Science Center
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