Prince William Sound Out-Of-Region Oil Spill Response Equipment Survey

This report presents a survey of oil spill response equipment available from outside the Prince William Sound (PWS)/Gulf of Alaska region to supplement the response to an oil spill from a tanker covered under the PWS Tanker Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (PWS Tanker Plan).

The report examines the sources of out-of-region oil spill response equipment listed in the PWS shippers’ contingency plans and associated agreements listed in those plans. It examines State of Alaska requirements for contractual access to out-of-region response equipment and compares those requirements to some of the agreements listed by the plan holders. The report also includes an inventory of equipment available from out-of-region, focusing on the feasibility of outfitting 14 Nearshore Task Forces (NSTFs).

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File Type: pdf
Categories: Oil Spill Response Operations
Author: Nuka Research Planning Group LLC, Tim Robertson
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