Projecting Range Expansion of Invasive European Green Crabs (Carcinusmaenas) to Alaska: Temperature and Salinity Tolerance of Larvae

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center developed a projection of the potential spread of the European Green Crab in Alaska.

The European Green Crab is an invasive species that has successfully colonized many world regions with significant ecological and economic impacts. The temperatures and salinities that the European Green Crab larvae need to survive and thrive were tested in laboratory experiments. Based upon temperature-specific development rates, several sites within Prince William Sound and elsewhere in Alaska appear warm enough to support self-sustaining European Green Crab populations.

The researchers conclude that Alaska is at risk of invasion by European Green Crabs.

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Author: Anson H. Hines, Catherine deRivera, Gregory M. Ruiz, Natasha Gray Hitchcock, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
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