PWS Tanker Oil Spill Prevention & Contingency Plan, Summary 1995-2020

This report documents the history of the oil spill prevention and response plan for the tankers that carry crude oil through Prince William Sound from 1995-2020.

Included in the report:

– Background history
– A description of the plan and associated documents
– A description of how and why changes are made to the plan
– A summary of key topics over the years
– Appendices that document Conditions of Approval and Findings documents

Associated with this report are two documents, a summary of each of the events that were researched for this report (Compendium Of Event Summaries 1995-2020) and a graphic timeline to help visualize important events (Prince William Sound Tanker Plan Timeline).

File Type: pdf
Categories: Histories, History of Contingency Planning
Author: Nuka Research Planning Group
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