Review of Cathodic Protection Systems at the Valdez Marine Terminal

This final report summarizes a review of cathodic protection (CP) of the crude oil piping at the Valdez Marine Terminal (VMT). The report summarizes the types of CP systems used at the VMT, as well as Alyeska's methods for monitoring and testing the systems. The report found that overall, it appears Alyeska has a very good corrosion and cathodic protection program, but there were some important discrepancies that need to be addressed, including: Re-evaluate and improve testing procedures to more accurately measure polarized potentials along the crude piping system; Re-evaluate utilization and measurement of 100 mV CP system testing criteria; and Update procedures to reflect changes to testing, analysis, and utilization of alternative measurement tools.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Terminal Operations
Author: Keith Boswell
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