Review Of The 2019 Alaska North Slope Oil Properties Relevant To Environmental Assessment And Prediction

This report titled '2019 Alaska North Slope Crude Oil Properties' by Dr. Merv Fingas, is based on a lab analysis of Alaska North Slope crude oil that was collected in 2019.

Environment and Climate Change Canada performed the physical and chemical tests on the sample and Dr. Fingas interpreted the lab results. He was looking for properties that would influence the effectiveness of oil spill response measures including mechanical (e.g., booms, skimmers) and non-mechanical (e.g., dispersants) spill response measures. Properties such as density and viscosity of North Slope crude oil can vary, depending on the location from where the oil is extracted.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Environmental Monitoring
Tags: Accepted Reports, New Documents
Author: Merv Fingas, Spill Science
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