Ship Simulation Modeling and Mariner Study of the Maritime Implications for Tank Vessels Utilizing Potential Places of Refuge, Prince William Sound, Alaska

This report evaluates the safety of Potential Places of Refuge (PPOR) in Prince William Sound (PWS) for decision-making concerning oil tankers in distress. The Alaska Regional Response Team has identified PPOR for a vessel in distress throughout the state of Alaska. The Prince William Sound Subarea Contingency Plan (August 2018) identifies 21 PPOR as suitable for deep draft vessels including tank vessels (e.g., oil tankers). Six of these PPOR are too far west from the Traffic Separation Scheme in PWS to be utilized by an oil tanker. Seven of these PPOR are already utilized by oil tankers for anchoring or docking (e.g., Valdez Marine Terminal Berths, Knowles Head Anchorage) so there is sufficient information about their safety. However, there is a lack of empirical information about the safety of the eight remaining PPOR in PWS for oil tankers in distress. The results found that none of prescribed latitude and longitude anchor or mooring positions at the eight PPOR are safe for an oil tanker in distress. However, alternative latitude and longitude anchor and mooring positions at several PPOR were also identified and analyzed.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Maritime Operations
Tags: Accepted Reports
Author: Captain Jeff Pierce, President Jonathan J. Pierce Ph.D., Vice President Safeguard Marine LLC
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