Carey takes industry preparedness position with Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Anna Carey
Anna Carey

Anna Carey, project manager assistant for the council, has taken a position with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. She will replace Vince Kelly.

Her new position, titled “Environmental Program Specialist III,” is in the department’s Industry Preparedness Program’s Marine Vessels section. She will be working with oil spill contingency plans, and says she hopes her duties at the new job will keep her in contact with the council.

“We look forward to continuing to work with her in support of our mission in her new capacity,” said Mark Swanson, executive director for the council.

Carey joined the council in May of 2011. She provided support to project managers and the council’s Terminal Operations and Environmental Monitoring, Port Operations and Vessel Traffic System, Legislative Affairs, Board Governance and Long Range Planning committee volunteers and their projects. She also managed several projects including the review of fire protection assets at the Valdez Marine Terminal.

Carey helped monitor Port Valdez for invasive species such as tunicates and European green crab. The council is concerned that these two species, among others, could arrive in oil tanker’s ballast water, which is discharged into Prince William Sound before loading North Slope crude at the Alyeska terminal in Valdez. Invasions like this can harm valuable native species such as salmon.

Carey also helped with outreach and education presentations in the Valdez schools and for several youth education programs during summer months.

Her last day with the council was September 13. The council is currently in the hiring process to fill the vacancy.

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