Oliver moves on; Long-time volunteers honored

By Betsi Oliver
Outreach Coordinator

During nearly four years at the Council as Outreach Coordinator, I have experienced a depth of volunteer commitment that I will continue to value as a model for citizen engagement.

Each committee member volunteers an estimated forty hours per year, including preparing for and attending meetings. Board members volunteer at least a hundred hours annually preparing for and attending several multi-day meetings per year. In addition, many Board members serve on committees, and many committee members contribute countless additional hours on project teams guiding specific work outcomes. In the past few years, this has meant lots of videoconference time, for which we are especially grateful.

Although my path diverges here, I cherish the relationships I’ve built and the accomplishments of the Council I’ve witnessed. The toughest accomplishment to measure is always prevention – the lack of disaster that affirms the value of time, effort, and dollars spent, often behind the scenes, to keep our system robust. Thank you to all the folks investing your valuable time and expertise. You are indeed the citizens of the citizens’ advisory council.

Volunteers honored

At its Board meeting each May, the Council honors its volunteers that have reached a 5-year milestone.
The following have dedicated extraordinary time and effort to help protect Alaskans from another major oil spill:

  • Gordon Scott honored for 30 years of service on the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Committee
  • Jane Eisemann honored for 20 years of service, formerly as a Board member and on several committees, currently serving on the Information and Education Committee
  • Dorothy Moore honored for 15 years of service as a Board member and on several committees
  • President Robert Archibald and Oliver present a memento to Bauer for her 10 years of service.

    Amanda Bauer honored for 10 years of service as a Board member and on several committees

  • Harold Blehm honored for 10 years of service on the Terminal Operations and Environmental Monitoring Committee
  • Orson Smith honored for 10 years of service, formerly as a Board member and several committees, recently retired from the Port Operations and Vessel Traffic Systems Committee
  • Wei Cheng honored for 5 years of service on the Scientific Advisory Committee
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