Jeremy Robida

Oil Spill Prevention and Response Operations Project Manager

Jeremy joined the Council staff in October 2010. He has lived in Valdez since the summer of 2006. The mountains surrounding Valdez and waters of Prince William Sound cast a spell on him, and even though his summer job ended, he stayed. Since moving to Valdez, He’s worked as a sea kayak guide, commercial fished, and spent time working with a heli ski guide service prior to taking his position at the Council.

He has a BA in Cultural Anthropology from University of Wisconsin in Madison and strong interests in photography and videography. Robida is a volunteer with the local backcountry search and rescue team, and his free time is spent cycling, backcountry skiing, snowmachining, or at his desk doing photo/video/graphic design work.


Staff member since: October 2010

Office Location: Valdez

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