Geographic Response Strategies

Geographic Response Strategies are map-based oil spill response plans tailored to protect specific environmentally sensitive areas. By selecting and mapping these areas in advance, these strategies can save time during the critical first few hours of oil spill response. The strategies inform oil spill responders where sensitive areas are located and where oil spill protections resources should be placed.

Geographic response strategies should be:

  • responder-oriented strategies and techniques to protect sensitive areas
  • strategies should be flexible and modifiable to fit the prevailing conditions
  • no unnecessary duplication of information in other plans
  • identifies resources at risk and sets priorities for their protection
  • response resource lists, logistical information, and field instructions for deployment
  • easy to use, test and update
  • content more important than form

Site Selection

Criteria for site selection includes environmental sensitivity, risk of oil spill impact, and ability to protect the site. 

More information from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation on geographic response strategies.

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