As a citizens’ organization, it is our goal to provide information to the communities we serve and to the public in general.

We provide resources that may be useful for generating reports, supplementing educational curriculum, or for simply gaining a better understanding of the dynamics of oil transportation in Prince William Sound.

Reports and Documents

Find new reports and search all PDF documents.

Tracking Weather for the Safe Transportation of Oil

Accurate and timely weather data and reports are essential to supporting safe navigation and preventing accidents. Find resources here.

Guide for dealing with an oil spill

Updated in 2021, the “Coping with Technological Disasters” guidebook and appendices contains science-based strategies to help ease the invisible impacts of oil spills, and help local governments, small businesses, families, and individuals cope with these disruptions.

Regional Stakeholders Committee Resources

The Council developed materials to support anyone who is 1) participating on a Regional Stakeholders Committee (RSC) during an oil spill or exercise, or 2) planning to represent their community on an RSC if there is a spill.

Alaska Oil Spill Lesson Bank

Find lesson plans related to oil spills.


A list of the common acronyms used on this website.

Glossary of Terms

Master terms like “dirty ballast,” “boom,” “tanker of opportunity,” and “current buster.”

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