Michael Vigil

Photo of Michael Vigil
Represents: Chenega Corporation & Chenega IRA Council

Member since: September 2015


Michael was born in Cordova, Alaska in 1953. His grandparents lived in Chenega, and his great grandparents were from Nuuciq.

A carpenter by trade, Michael moved from Anchorage to Chenega Bay in 1982 to help rebuild the village after the 1964 earthquake, which destroyed Chenega’s original village site on Chenega Island. There, he served on the Chenega Tribal Council for two terms. In 1991, he helped build a work camp on Montague Island for harvesting timber. Upon completion, he stayed on the island, working for Koncor Management Company, managing the environmental controls of the roads and water crossings, and oversaw the loading of logging ships. After the camp closed in 1999, Michael returned to Chenega Bay to help build Chenega’s beautiful church, where he is still the dean and caretaker.

Michael has served on the Chenega Tribal Council for several terms as well as the Tribal Administrator. He also serves as Starosta and Parish Council President for the Nativity of the Theotokos Church, board member for Chenega Heritage Inc., a non-profit organization for education, heritage and culture, and is an Oversight Committee member for Chenega Corporation’s Business Unit for Military Intelligence and Operations Support.

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