Mike Bender

Photo of Mike Bender
Represents: City of Whittier

Member since: September 2015


Mike was born and raised in Erie Pa. After graduating he packed a pick-up truck to spend an adventurous summer in Alaska. The summer was much more than he had hoped and Mike ending up staying in Alaska and starting a family. Mike started sailing, recreationally, in Prince William Sound in 1984.

It his love for the Sound that prompted him to start a water taxi business, Lazy Otter Charters Inc., in 1994. He and his wife Kelly operate Lazy Otter Charters from Whittier.

Mike is involve with the Whittier Chamber of Commerce, sat on the Whittier Ports and Harbors Commission and participates with SERVS as a TIER II vessel operator.

The biggest pleasure for Mike is raising his kids in the Sound and the numerous family memories created here. It is his desire to protect Prince William Sound for all families.

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