About the Board of Directors

The council’s board of directors is composed of citizens who represent communities and interest groups.

Each member organization appoints a representative to serve on the board of directors. Member groups have one seat each on the council with the exception of the City of Valdez, which has two. Board members serve at the pleasure of the organization they represent as long as they comply with the council’s bylaws and policies. Board members serve staggered two-year terms, and there are no term limits. Seating of new and re-appointed board members occurs at the board of directors’ meeting every May.

Ideally, board members are individuals who:

  • Understand the needs, perspectives and concerns of their community or interest group
  • Have a familiarity with oil transportation issues
  • Have a schedule flexible enough to allow travel
  • Are committed to promoting environmental protection and fostering cooperative relationships with industry and regulatory agencies

Each director is encouraged to participate in one of the the council’s volunteer standing committees.

The board is advised on policy decisions by the volunteer committees made up of technical experts.

View the Bylaws of Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council.

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Board meetings are open to the public. We invite participation.

Board Meeting Information and Meeting Documents

View current and archived board meeting information, including agendas, documents, and presentations from past PWSRCAC board meetings.