Current Board Members

Board members are appointed by their member entity to serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors.

Peter Andersen

Peter Andersen

Peter Andersen, Chugach Alaska Corporation: Peter is currently the Vice President of Operations at Chugach Commercial Holdings at Chugach Alaska Corporation, has an extensive background in oil spill prevention and response, including eight years at Alyeska’s Ship Escort/Response Vessel System; as president of Chugach Alaska Services, the majority owner of Alyeska contractor TCC; and as general manager of Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation’s Arctic Response Services.

Peter was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2018.

Robert Archibald

Robert Archibald

Robert Archibald, City of Homer: Robert and his wife Roberta have lived in Homer for 31 years. Prior to Homer, he lived in Girdwood and Anchorage. He grew up in Santa Barbara, California and first traveled to Alaska in 1965 to work on vessels in Cook Inlet.

Robert spent four years in the U.S. Coast Guard and upon discharge found employment in the engine department on the drilling vessel Glomar Challenger. In 1978, he returned to Alaska and worked as a chief engineer on various vessels. For 24 years, he worked for Crowley as a chief engineer, both state-wide and in Valdez. He retired in April 2014 after 46 years in the maritime industry.

Robert is active on several non-profit boards and is on the Homer Parks and Recreation Commission. He is co-chair of the steering committee that developed the 125 mile Kachemak Bay Water Trail.

Robert was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2015.

Amanda Bauer

Amanda Bauer

Amanda Bauer, City of Valdez: Amanda was born and raised in Independence, Kansas. In 1995, two weeks after graduating from high school, she packed up her truck and drove to Valdez, where she has lived ever since.

Her first summer in Valdez she began working for Stan Stephens Cruises and has been a year round employee since 1996. In 2007, she acquired her 100 Ton Masters License and is now a captain.

Amanda currently serves as the commercial tourism representative on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Public Advisory Committee, the City of Valdez representative on the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Board of Directors, and is on the Valdez Marine Safety Committee. She loves the outdoors and is an avid birdwatcher in her free time.

Amanda was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2012.

Robert Beedle

Robert Beedle

Robert Beedle, City of Cordova: Robert was born and raised in Cordova, Alaska, and graduated from Cordova High School. He attended University of Fairbanks for two years and also attended and completed trade school for Refrigeration. He lives in Cordova with his wife of almost thirty years where they have raised their children. He had the pleasure of being an assistant Scout Master for five years.

Robert started commercial fishing in summer of 1975 and currently gillnets and long-line fishes in the Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound. He also owns and operates a small business called Columbia Refrigeration.

Robert is a member of the Cordova City Council, serves on the Cordova Telephone Company Board, and serves on the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation Board. He is a member of the Cordova Fisherman United, the Pioneers of Alaska, Moose Lodge, and a member of the Little Chapel Church.

Robert was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2013.

Mike Bender

Mike Bender

Mike Bender, City of Whittier: Mike was born and raised in Erie Pa. After graduating he packed a pick-up truck to spend an adventurous summer in Alaska. The summer was much more than he had hoped and Mike ending up staying in Alaska and starting a family. Mike started sailing, recreationally, in Prince William Sound in 1984.

It his love for the Sound that prompted him to start a water taxi business, Lazy Otter Charters Inc., in 1994. He and his wife Kelly operate Lazy Otter Charters from Whittier.

Mike is involve with the Whittier Chamber of Commerce, sat on the Whittier Ports and Harbors Commission and participates with SERVS as a TIER II vessel operator.

The biggest pleasure for Mike is raising his kids in the Sound and the numerous family memories created here. It is his desire to protect Prince William Sound for all families.

Mike was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in September 2015.

Melissa Berns

Melissa Berns

Melissa Berns, Kodiak Village Mayors Association: Melissa is from the Village of Old Harbor on the southeast side of Kodiak Island.

Melissa has 17 years of experience commercial fishing around Kodiak Island and currently is employed by the Old Harbor Native Corporation as Project Manager.

Melissa is active in the community of Old Harbor. She serves on the Old Harbor Tribal Council as vice p president, Cape Barnabas Inc. Board, U.S. Federal Subsistence Management Council for Kodiak and Aleutians as secretary, Kodiak Island Tribal Fisheries Coalition as president, and she is a member of the Old Harbor Alliance and the Old Harbor Advisory School Board. She volunteers with youth programs as a Nuniaq Alutiiq dance instructor, Nuniaq Traditional camp planner, Alutiiq Week organizer, USA Wrestling and Old Harbor School Programs volunteer.

Melissa perpetuates the continuation of Sugpiaq – Alutiiq Cultural Arts by teaching subsistence harvesting and processing, Alutiiq basket weaving, skin sewing and beading through youth programs year around. With extensive knowledge of traditional foods and a background in culinary arts, Melissa works with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s “Store Outside Your Door” cooking program as a traditional chef.

Melissa was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2015.

Wayne Donaldson

Wayne Donaldson

Wayne Donaldson, City of Kodiak: Wayne has lived and worked in the oil spill region since 1985. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is employed as a fisheries management biologist at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. During his 35-year career he managed groundfish, shellfish, salmon and herring fisheries in Prince William Sound, Kodiak, Chignik, Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea areas.

Wayne says that the council, by promoting the safe transportation of oil, is an important organization for coastal Alaska and helps ensure Alaska’s seafood reaches the world marketplace in pristine condition.

Wayne has been a member of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Crab Plan Team, and Steller sea lion RPA committee; member of the State’s Subsistence Policy Advisory Group; Board member of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alumni Association and received the Department of Fish and Game’s Fisheries Management Award in 1995, and Meritorious Service Award in 2009.

Wayne was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in January 2015.

Patience Andersen Faulkner

Patience Andersen Faulkner

Patience Andersen Faulkner, Cordova District Fishermen United: Patience is an Alaska Native, born in Cordova. Her interests include teaching Alaska Native crafts and studying the uses of herbal plants.

She worked as a legal technician/paralegal with the litigation team for the Exxon Valdez oil spill lawsuit. She earned a BA in justice and sociology from the University of Alaska Anchorage. As a former military wife, her travels have been extensive throughout the United States and Europe.

Patience serves on several Cordova community boards and commissions. Special council projects have included the Peer Listener program as well as serving on other committees. Travel to remote Alaska areas continues to be a favorite pursuit.

Patience was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in November 1998.

Mako Haggerty

Mako Haggerty

Mako Haggerty, Kenai Peninsula Borough: Mako is a commercial fisherman by trade. He worked on the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, both in Prince William Sound and along the outer coast of the Kenai Peninsula. He is presently a water taxi owner/operator in Homer.

Mako is the father of twin boys, Max and Lance, 31 years old. He is curious about all things related to the ocean environment.

Mako was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2015.

Luke Hasenbank

Luke Hasenbank

Luke Hasenbank, Alaska State Chamber of Commerce: Luke is the vice president of Alaska Maritime Agencies. He has an MBA from the University of South Dakota, and has been at Alaska Maritime Agencies since 2003. Prior to his promotion to vice president, he held the roles of assistant vice president, operations manager, port manager of the company’s Whittier cruise office, and as a vessel manager. Luke has experience with all aspects of husbanding bulk cargo vessels, tankers, reefer vessels, cruise vessel and a variety of other ships at Alaska ports.

Hasenbank is an alternate board member for the Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee, and a members of the Alaska Steamship Association.

Luke was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in 2016.

Board member Melvin Malchoff

Melvin Malchoff

Melvin Malchoff, Jr, Port Graham Corporation: Melvin was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in September 2016.

Thane Miller

Thane Miller

Thane Miller, Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation: Thane came to Alaska in 1969 and grew up in Anchorage and Eagle River. His family acquired a boat and spent lots of time on the water in Seward and Whittier, and in the late 1970s they began commercial fishing. He started his first job as a commercial fisherman at the age of 13 and has made his living from commercial fishing since 1985.

Fishing is a full time job for Thane and when he’s not busy working on his house and volunteering with various groups. Thane now lives in Valdez with his wife Sharry and daughter Rowan.

Thane is currently Chair of the Valdez Advisory Committee, board member of the Valdez Fisheries Development Association, and board member of the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation.

Thane was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in January 2007.

Dorothy Moore

Dorothy Moore

Dorothy M. Moore, City of Valdez: Dorothy first came to Alaska in 1949 when her parents relocated from Bremerton, WA, to Valdez. She graduated from Alaska Methodist University and taught in Homer. After teaching as a missionary journeyman in the Dominican Republic she obtained a Master of Divinity degree from Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Dorothy came home to Alaska and worked on the pipeline construction and operations until she returned to teaching social studies in the Valdez City School system. As a social studies teacher, Dorothy traveled during summer vacations and collected photos for use in her geography and history classes (Russia, Europe, and West Africa). She also broadened her social studies background with certification renewal classes in circumpolar studies, Alaska Geographic Alliance summer institutes, and developing/implementing a technology model congress program in Valdez government classes. She required her government classes to attend public meetings to learn firsthand the government process. She was instrumental in getting Valdez City Schools to require an Alaska history course for graduation in the early 1990s. She designed, implemented and taught Alaska History as a course that would allow students a solid background in working with tourists in their summer jobs.

Dorothy has been elected to the Valdez City Council and the Valdez School Board. She has served on various local and state boards including the Valdez Heritage Board, the Valdez Regional Hospital Board, and the Alaska Historical Society Board. As a lifelong resident of Valdez and Alaska, Dorothy lived through the 1964 earthquake, the 1989 oil spill, and other yearly sagas. She retired from the public school system but remains an adjunct instructor at Prince William Sound Community College.

Dorothy was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in January 2007.

Bob Shavelson

Bob Shavelson

Bob Shavelson, Oil Spill Region Environmental Coalition (OSREC): Bob is a reformed attorney with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, and environmental sampling and compliance. He is currently the executive director of the Cook Inletkeeper, one of the member organizations of OSREC. He was Editor-in-Chief of the University of Oregon’s Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, and has considerable experience in toxics, the Clean Water Act, and Right-to-Know issues. Prior to joining Inletkeeper in 1996, Bob worked in the United States Senate, Oregon’s Senate Majority Office, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium, and the University of Oregon’s Ocean & Coastal Law Center.

Bob is a leader in the Alaska conservation community, and in 2010, he received the Alaska Conservation Foundation’s highest award for professional achievement. He holds a BA in Biology & Chemistry from Boston University and a JD from the University of Oregon.

Bob was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in September 2014.

Rebecca Skinner

Rebecca Skinner, Kodiak Island Borough: Photo coming soon. Rebecca Skinner was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska and is a member of the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College, a Juris Doctor and Master of Studies in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Rebecca is a practicing attorney and Executive Director of Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Association. She is also active in her community, serving on the Kodiak Borough Assembly, the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference Board of Directors and the Kodiak Aleutians Regional Advisory Council to the Federal Subsistence Board. In her free time she is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking and sea kayaking.

Rebecca was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2018.

Orson Smith

Orson Smith

Orson Smith, City of SewardOrson came to Alaska in 1973 and worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Anchorage. He met his wife Sharon in Anchorage and they were married in 1978. Orson and Sharon moved to Mississippi in 1983 to work at the Corps’ Waterways Experiment Station. They moved again in 1986 to North Carolina to continue graduate school. Their family of five moved back to Anchorage in 1991 and Orson again worked at the Corps’ Alaska District in planning and design of port, harbor, and coastal erosion works. Orson shifted to UAA’s College of Engineering in 1998, where he became Chair of the Civil Engineering Department and later Dean of the College. He retired from UAA in June 2014 and was awarded Professor Emeritus. Orson has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, a master’s degree in civil engineering, a doctorate in physical oceanography, and an Alaska Professional Engineer license.

Orson and Sharon have lived in Seward for the last 11 years, where Sharon is a mental health counselor. Their three children live in Anchorage and Girdwood where they all have public service careers.

Orson was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2015.

Alisha Chartier

Alisha Chartier, City of Seldovia: As a member of the community of Seldovia, Alisha understands the extreme importance of protecting the natural resources. Originally from Nebraska, Alisha came to Alaska at 18. She spent three years based out of Anchorage exploring Alaska. In 2005, she spent the summer in Seldovia and moved there permanently the following season. For seven years, she led a wilderness program of backpacking, camping, rafting, and sea sports bringing her close to the families of Seldovia.

Alisha studied Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo for two years, then graduated from Humboldt State University with an Environmental Resources Engineering Degree. Her household owns and operates a commercial set net fishery in the Lower Cook Inlet, along with Halibut IFQ quota in 3A. Her husband commercially fishes cod and halibut out of Seldovia during the winter months.

Alisha’s favorite season is the fall, which is spent hunting, harvesting, and camping. Currently she is working in cooperation with Nuka Research based out of Seldovia.

Alisha was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2015.

Roy Totemoff

Roy Totemoff

Roy Totemoff, Community of Tatitlek: Roy represents the Tatitlek Corporation and the Tatitlek Village IRA Council on the council board.

Roy has been the President & CEO of the Tatitlek Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation, since 2006 and he also sits on the boards of all of the Tatitlek Corporation’s subsidiary corporations. Prior to moving to Anchorage to head up the Tatitlek Corporation, Roy was the vice president of the Tatitlek IRA Council. Roy was the owner/operator of a commercial fishing boat in Prince William Sound, had training as a tribal court judge, was manager/maintenance for NPRHA Housing Authority, and was the foreman of several projects for the Tatitlek IRA Council.

Roy contributes to the community through support of foundations such as Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation, American Indian Enterprise Development, and the Annual Salute to the Military, to name a few.

Roy was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in May 2011.

Michael Vigil

Michael Vigil

Michael Vigil, Chenega Corporation & Chenega IRA Council: Michael was born in Cordova, Alaska in 1953. His grandparents lived in Chenega, and his great grandparents were from Nuuciq.

A carpenter by trade, Michael moved from Anchorage to Chenega Bay in 1982 to help rebuild the village after the 1964 earthquake, which destroyed Chenega’s original village site on Chenega Island. There, he served on the Chenega Tribal Council for two terms. In 1991, he helped build a work camp on Montague Island for harvesting timber. Upon completion, he stayed on the island, working for Koncor Management Company, managing the environmental controls of the roads and water crossings, and oversaw the loading of logging ships. After the camp closed in 1999, Michael returned to Chenega Bay to help build Chenega’s beautiful church, where he is still the dean and caretaker.

Michael has served on the Chenega Tribal Council for several terms as well as the Tribal Administrator. He also serves as Starosta and Parish Council President for the Nativity of the Theotokos Church, board member for Chenega Heritage Inc., a non-profit organization for education, heritage and culture, and is an Oversight Committee member for Chenega Corporation’s Business Unit for Military Intelligence and Operations Support.

Micheal was seated on the Council’s Board of Directors in September 2015.