Financial Information

Audited Financial Statements

The following reports, prepared by an independent auditor, are PWSRCAC’s financial statements for the past few fiscal years. Each report contains the following: auditor’s letter of opinion; statements of financial position, activities, and cash flows; notes to financial statements, and statement of functional expenses.

Note:  These financial statements are presented for convenience and information purposes only, and while reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the integrity of such information, they should not be relied on.  A copy of the printed financial statements will be provided on request.

2018 Financial Statement 0.3 MB6
2017 Financial Statement 0.2 MB8
2016 Financial Statement 0.2 MB9
2015 Financial Statement 0.1 MB13
2013 Financial Statement 1.1 MB7
1 2 3 6

Form 990 Returns

Each year, PWSRCAC files form 990, “Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax” with the Internal Revenue Service. The return contains financial information along with other information about the organization’s governance and board of directors.

2018 Form 990 10.6 MB0
2009 Form 990 2.0 MB0
2010 Form 990 0.4 MB0
2012 Form 990 0.4 MB6
2011 Form 990 0.4 MB9
2013 Form 990 0.5 MB6
2016 Form 990 14.0 MB2
2015 Form 990 0.2 MB1
2014 Form 990 0.2 MB1

Whistleblower Procedure

The council is committed to providing a workplace where employees and volunteers are free to submit goodfaith concerns and complaints regarding the council’s business practices. If you have a concern or complaint, please see our Whistleblower Procedure

Whistleblower Procedure 05062011 (42 KB)