Council board re-elects officers to serve through May 2018

Left to right: Treasurer Wayne Donaldson, who represents the City of Kodiak; Vice President Thane Miller, represents Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation; President Amanda Bauer, represents the City of Valdez; Member-at-Large Robert Archibald, representing the City of Homer; Member-at-Large Patience Andersen Faulkner, representing the Cordova District Fishermen United; and Member-at-Large Melissa Berns, who represents the Kodiak Village Mayors Association. Not pictured is Secretary Bob Shavelson, who represents the Oil Spill Region Environmental Coalition. (Photo taken in 2016) 

At the recent board meeting in Valdez, the council’s board of directors elected officers for a new term. The elected executive committee, who will serve from May 2017 to May 2018, is comprised of:

  • President: Amanda Bauer, representing the City of Valdez
  • Vice President: Thane Miller, representing Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation
  • Treasurer: Wayne Donaldson, representing the City of Kodiak
  • Secretary: Bob Shavelson, representing the Oil Spill Region Environmental Coalition
  • Three Members-at-Large:
    • Melissa Berns, representing the Kodiak Island Village Mayors Association
    • Robert Archibald, representing the City of Homer
    • Patience Andersen Faulkner, representing Cordova District Fisherman United

The council is very happy to have the support of its many volunteers from all over the Exxon Valdez oil spill region. The new executive committee is an excellent representation of the council.