Council elects officers for next year

The Council held annual elections to choose its seven-member executive committee at the May meeting in Valdez.

Amanda Bauer, who represents the City of Valdez, was re-elected as president. Thane Miller, who represents Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation, was re-elected as vice-president. Bob Shavelson, who represents the Oil Spill Region Environmental Coalition, was re-elected as secretary. Wayne Donaldson, who represents the City of Kodiak, was re-elected as treasurer. Robert Archibald, who represents the City of Homer; Melissa Berns, who represents the Kodiak Village Mayors Association; and new Board member Rebecca Skinner, representing the Kodiak Island Borough, were all elected to serve as at-large members of the executive committee. Continue reading

New Board members join the Council

Rebecca Skinner of Kodiak has replaced Burch as the representative for the Kodiak Island Borough. In addition, Josie Hickel from Chugach Alaska Corporation resigned from the Board in May and was replaced by Peter Andersen.

Rebecca Skinner

Peter Andersen

Skinner was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska, and is a member of the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak. She is a practicing attorney and Executive Director of Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Association.

Andersen, who is currently the Vice President of Operations at Chugach Commercial Holdings at Chugach Alaska Corporation, has an extensive background in oil spill prevention and response.

More about our new members: Current Board of Directors

Review of cathodic protection systems at the Valdez Marine Terminal

The Council is inviting proposals for a project to review and analyze the operation and maintenance of the cathodic protection systems used at the Valdez Marine Terminal. Cathodic protection systems are installed throughout this marine transfer facility on a number of assets including loading berths, crude oil storage tanks, as well as ballast water, fuel, and crude oil piping. Continue reading

Now hiring! Outreach Coordinator

Lisa Matlock and Bob Shavelson at the council's booth at Kodiak ComFish, 2018.

Outreach Coordinator Lisa Matlock and Director Bob Shavelson at the council’s outreach booth at Kodiak ComFish.

This position coordinates and facilitates communication and interactions between the council and its volunteers, member groups and communities in the Exxon Valdez oil spill region and others.

Main objectives include increasing visibility and awareness of the council and our projects by coordinating presentations, participating in conferences and through educational activities; and assisting project managers with specific outreach needs.  This position manages projects related to outreach and education.

For more information including the complete job description, full list of minimum qualifications, and instructions on how to apply, visit our Employment page.