Board of Directors met in Anchorage

The Council held a Board meeting in Anchorage on Thursday and Friday, January 25-26, 2024.

The Council conducted regular business during the meeting, including updates from Council ex officio members, staff and committees. Other topics included on the agenda were:

  • An activity report by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company on the Valdez Marine Terminal and Ship Escort Response Vessel System operations, including an update on Alyeska’s efforts to address concerns identified in the Council’s report “Assessment of Risks and Safety Culture at the Valdez Marine Terminal.”
  • A presentation from Alaska Tanker Company on upgrades and changes to their Alaska fleet.
  • Introduction and discussions with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Designee, Emma Pokon.
  • A report on the results from the Council’s Long-Term Environmental Monitoring Program, now in its 30th year, analyzing mussels, marine sediment and passive sampling devices to monitor oil contamination associated with operation of the Valdez Marine Terminal and associated tankers.
  • A briefing from Council staff on the renewal of Alyeska’s Valdez Marine Terminal Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan, including comments submitted by the Council to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in December 2023.
  • A presentation on the recent Hope Spot designation for Prince William Sound by the Prince William Sound Stewardship Foundation.
  • A presentation on the Shepard Point Marine Tribal Transportation Oil Spill and Marine Casualty Response Facility by the Native Village of Eyak.
  • Consideration by the Council to create a designated recreation seat on the Board and appointment of a new director to fill the seat, should it be approved.

Council Board meetings are routinely recorded and may be disseminated to the public by the Council or by the news media.

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