Board of Directors’ January 2024 meeting materials now available

The Council’s January 25-26, 2023 Board of Directors meeting will be held in-person in Anchorage, Alaska. The meeting will also be available virtually and telephonically for those unable to travel.

Join the meeting: Meeting audio and video, including presentations, will be available streaming online via Zoom (available starting January 26 by 8:00 a.m.) or by calling 1-888-788-0099, reference meeting ID 846 6601 3879

A complete meeting packet will be available for download HERE, on or before January 19, 2024.

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1 00 Final Agenda PWSRCAC Board Meeting, January 25 26, 2024 In Anchorage
1 01 Draft Minutes of September 21 22, 2023
1 02 Draft Minutes of November 21, 2023
2 01 List of Commonly Used Acronyms
2 02 Budget Status Report as of December 19, 2023
2 03 PWSRCAC Director Attendance
2 04 Committee Member Attendance Record
2 05 List of Board Committee Members
2 06 One Page Strategic Plan
2 07 List of Recent Board and Executive Committee Actions
2 08 PWSRCAC Organizational Chart
3 01 Contract Approval for Air Quality Monitoring at the VMT
3 02 Approval of FY24 Contract with Taku Engineering for Engineering Support
4 01 Report Acceptance 2022 2023 LTEMP
4 02 Approval of Fy2024 Budget Modifications
4 03 2023 VMT C Plan Renewal & Approval of C Plan Contract Increase
4 03 PRESENTATION 2023 VMT C Plan Renewal and Approval of C Plan Contract Increase
4 04 Consideration of Oil Spill Region Recreation Coalition as Class I Member
4 05 Director Appointment for Oil Spill Region Recreational Coalition
4 06 Report Approval PWSRCAC Annual Long Range Plan
5 01 Program and Project Status Report
Complete Packet January 2024 Board Meeting
PRESENTATION Alyeska/SERVS’ Activity Report – January 2024
PRESENTATION by Alaska Tanker Co. on upgrades and changes to their Alaska fleet
PRESENTATION by Native Village of Eyak (NVE) on Shepard Point Facility
PRESENTATION Hope Spot Designation for Prince William Sound

Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not attend the meeting in-person

Board meetings are open to the public, and an opportunity for the public to provide comments is provided at the beginning of each meeting.

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